Astra Vernici

wood varnish colours

Naturally CREATIVE

Astra Vernici, a family company established in 1951, has been manufacturing wood varnish colours and related materials thanks to a collection of solutions with great efforts in research and qualifying choices, from the careful selection of raw materials to the objective of reaching top results, coupled with maximum environmental care.

Astra Vernici, a multi-flexible company, offers the advantages of an efficient on-time package with tailor-made service, which confirms it as a partner for its clients.

Within the last several years, Astra Vernici has undergone major developmental changes.
Key strategic areas include environmental issues, shortening client lead times and development to meet the ever increasing market demand.

Our wood varnish colours wide from different tonality and hue, capturing the best shades of wood coatings.

Astra’s solvent based varnish, wood varnish paint, wood varnish remover and staining product are present on every global market. To aim for the best results.

I see in the colors the effort of substance to became light

We have been serving the market for over 70 years, offering a wide range of wood coatings solutions for professionals users.

vernici per legno esterno

Astra Vernici is organized into a super modern production unit in Azzano San Paolo (Bergamo – Italy). This facility encompasses a strong human resource technical team, enabling a quick response and flexibility in meeting a client’s demands.
The ‘secret’ to Astra Vernici versatility lies in its business strategy. Positioned as a stable mid-sized company it contains none of the superficiality of wasted business decisions, but only the promise of a solid revolutionary company.

wood varnish colours

Astra Vernici is a responsible and trustworthy partner with whom you can establish a relationship based on mutual benefit and cooperation, a trust based on quality and custom-made products.
Our strategy enables quick turnaround on orders placements. From our automated production facilities, warehousing and information technology, Astra Vernici offers optimization every step of the way.

A constant effort in Research & Developement

The culture of quality is a guiding element of the Astra Vernici activity, with business procedures for every sector and operational role. For the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Research laboratories are an integral part of this philosophy.

Within these laboratories, the varnishes of tomorrow are born and the strict tests that the company applies are carried out.
Because the checks are done both upstream and downstream and during all phases of work, as you can see in our company video.
In addition, our professionals are highly qualified and specialized in the field of exterior and interior wood varnish.


Updated technologies and quality controls

The investment in technology and production upgrades which have been granted in recent years has allowed Astra Vernici to compete in key wood markets.
A modernized plant, with all its main features completely automated from the pumping/stirring and dosing processes to the packaging phase allows us to manufacture products which offer an exact solution to our clients’ demands and cover a wide range of sectors and applications.
The core of the company strategy is our constant focus on quality and design, managed and controlled through highly planned procedures. The entire Astra Vernici outline allows the flexibility to obtain trustworthy and reliable products.

Our experienced team has allowed us to compete globally as a top performer, meeting our clients’ consistent demand for top performing products, enabling unique value through products supplied.