• Polyurethane paints 2K

Polyurethane paints” is a wide range of coatings products suitable for countless uses, drying through a poly-addition chemical reaction between 2 reagents (part A, containing the hydroxyl group, and part B containing the isocyanate group, improperly defined “catalyst”), while to the evaporation of the solvent phase takes place.

They are characterized by a wide versatility of use and exceptional chemical-physical performance, allowing, after complete drying, films with high surface hardness and excellent aesthetic results.

ASTRA VERNICI’s range of polyurethane paints for exteriors also includes a specific series for outdoor, available in translucent or pigmented versions, expressly developed to achieve the highest durability against weathering together with a fantastic aesthetic result.

Purex 820

It is a special 2-component polyurethane series suitable for layering wooden articles exposed outdoors such as window frames, doors, and garden furniture.
The high UV filter content and the curing agent B-820 N.I. (non-yellowing kind) make available high light fastness and durability to weathering, even in the most severe climates.