Professional Polishing: The Secret to Restore the Beauty of Supports

When a wooden item suffers damage, such as deep scratches or dents, the paintwork can be severely compromised. Repair and subsequent repainting are essential steps to restore the object to its original appearance. However, one crucial step is often overlooked: the final polishing to provide a shiny glossy appearance.

Imagine your valuable piece of wooden furniture, which originally had a shiny appearance and over the years has accumulated a few marks and lost its brightness. After making the necessary repairs, it becomes essential to provide a high-quality polishing process to restore its beauty. Polishing is the final touch that removes defects, ensuring a perfectly smooth and shiny surface and restoring your vehicle to a practically new condition.

For older wooden objects, professional polishing can work real magic in reviving the paintwork. This is not just a temporary aesthetic intervention; professional polishing is a true rebirth ritual that restores your wooden object to its original glory by removing dullness and micro-defects.

In this context, choosing the right products, such as those in the Polish line, is the secret to achieving extraordinary results that go beyond the superficial aesthetic appearance.

POLISH 784 UHD (Ultra High Definition – Fast Cut)

This is an innovative, antistatic, water-emulsion-based polish with “ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION” properties, designed for the removal of medium-sized defects from painted and gel-coated surfaces.
It is simply fantastic when used on deep black surfaces where, thanks to its special formulation, it succeeds in imparting an unparalleled depth of colour (without greying or hologram effect) that cannot be achieved by traditional products.

ABRALUX 384 (Abrasive Cut)

This is an abrasive-polishing gel, based on a water emulsion, with 2-in-1 properties (mordant+polish), formulated to remove small and large surface defects using rotary or orbital polishers. The result is a high-gloss surface without halos and holograms.

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