Acrylic paints & coatings


  • Acrylic-polyurethane coatings, non-yellowing kind, single and two pack

Acrylic-polyurethane coatings (universally abbreviated in "acrylic paints") include a wide range of coating products drying not only because of the solvent evaporation but mostly due to a chemical polyaddition reaction between 2 reagents (part A, containing the acrylic group and the hydroxyl group, and part B containing the isocyanate group, the curing agent improperly defined as "catalyst").
These products assure the best light fastness (more often they are non-yellowing) on clear woods or bleached timbers or veneers.
They are categorised by excellent mechanical and chemical resistance while easy to apply, suitable for both small users (joineries) or big furniture makers (industrial user) because of their flaxbility .
Mostly, they are recommended in clear (transparent) or open-pore finishing’s, to achieve a perfect natural “wood effect” or “rough wood effect”, a very popular aesthetic trend in modern and design furniture.


The latest trend in wood finishing’s (clear, ultramat and open-pore look) natural oriented especially on valuable wooden essences generally with a deep pore like ash and oak (supported also by mechanical brushing to enlarge the pores), has brought the laboratories of ASTRA VERNICI to specifically develop a line of acrylic coatings that emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of wood, giving it a natural appearance ("open pore"), while ensuring high protection to the board. That’s what ZEROGLOSS was designed for!


The today’s trend in furniture finishing’s (very low sheen & open-pore film), natural look oriented especially on valuable wooden essences with deep pores (such as ash or oak, also emphasized by mechanical brushing), has brought the laboratories of ASTRA VERNICI to develop a specific line of acrylic products to underline the beauty and uniqueness of wood, providing its natural appearance while ensuring the best protection to the final wooden item.