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Research and Development: our constant commitment .

A constant effort in reasearch

The culture of quality is a guiding element of Astra Vernici's activity, as evidenced by the company procedures adopted, in every sector and operational role, from the level of production and the satisfaction of its interlocutors.
The research laboratories are integral and characterizing part of this philosophy, in which a highly professional and super qualified staff works The new tomorrow's paints are born within these laboratories and the strict tests that the company applies to the entire production process are carried out upstream and downstream and during all the processing phases.

A constant effort in development

The investment in technology and production upgrades which have been granted in recent years has allowed Astra Vernici® to compete in key wood markets.
A modernized plant, with all its main features completely automated from the pumping/stirring and dosing processes to the packaging phase allows us to manufacture products which offer an exact solution to our clients’ demands and cover a wide range of sectors and applications.
The core of the company strategy is our constant focus on quality and design, managed and controlled through highly planned procedures. The entire Astra Vernici® outline allows the flexibility to obtain trustworthy and reliable products. Our experienced team has allowed us to compete globally as a top performer, meeting our clients’ consistent demand for top performing products, enabling unique value through products supplied.

Best state-of-the-art technology and controls

The technological investments and the production updates that have characterized the activity in recent years Astra Vernici®, have allowed the company to be competitive in all the reference markets. Come on modern systems, completely automated in blending and dosing, are used for the varnishes to solve all the needs of the interlocutors of the market, in the most varied sectors and application scenarios. The cornerstone of the entire "company system" is quality, pursued, managed and controlled through carefully planned procedures. The "company system" of Astra Vernici® allows to obtain guaranteed and reliable products, with performance levels and security at the top of the sector, capable of ensuring a yield that translates directly into competitiveness..