ZEROGEL is a special water-dilutiable protective specifically designed for the outdoor application of dimensionally stable wooden items (such as windows, shutters, blinds) or non-dimensionally stable woode items (such as beads, fences, canopies, balconies, gates, gazebos and furniture garden), all subject to outdoor exposure.
ZEROGEL is a multi-purpose product (self-finishings) of exceptional quality, high solid content, which contains special long-lasting water-repellent waxes (particularly compatible with the environment) and UV filters for highest resistance to the degration action of sun light.
It has been developed to decorate wood, protect it and preserve it for as long as possible from the action of atmospheric agents and the attack of the blueing fungi. Its special gel formulation also allows applications with maximum vertical grip, reducing in this way the annoying drops typical of traditional products.
The series ZEROGEL, with its vast and particular range of color shades that can be perfectly mixed together to obtain intermediate colors, ensures excellent results even for inexperienced applicators.