Zerogel Cerato Colored

Water-based wax-based protective for gel exteriors

ZEROGEL is a special water-dilutable wood protective specifically designed for the application on dimensionally stable (such as windows, shutters, dark) or non-dimensional stable (such as beads, fences, canopies, balconies, gates, gazebos and garden furniture) subject to the outdoor weathering exposure.
ZEROGEL is a high-quality & multi-purpose product (self-finishing product, “coat on coat”) with a high solid residue, which contains exclusive “long-lasting water-repellent waxes” (particularly compatible with the environment) and UV filters to minimize the degradation action of the sun radiation. It has been developed to decorate, protect and preserve the timber as much as possible from the weathering agents and the attack of the bluing fungi.
Its special gel formulation also allows its applications with the highest vertical hold on, so that reducing the drops formation typical of the traditional products. The ZEROGEL series, with its range of shades all perfectly mixable between them to get intermediate colors, enable excellent results even for the very beginners users.

  • right side = 1 hand painted
  • left side = painted with 2 hands