Water based wood coatings


  • Indoor WB paints, 1 pack or 2 pack
  • Indoor WB paints, UV kind
  • Indoor WB paints, UV kind dual cure
  • Outdoor WB paints, 1 pack or 2 pack

Water-based coatings allow a drastic reduction of volatile organic substances while assuring light fastness, a perfect filling and excellent final look.
The professional range of indoor water-based line from ASTRA VERNICI, also called ZEROIMPACT "IN" is suitable for industrial applications (even UV drying) and for artisanal uses at the same time.
The water-based products (mono or two-component) for indoor are:
Clear and pigmented primers
Clear and pigmented finishes
Clear and pigmented self-finishing’s products (coat on coat)

ASTRA VERNICI's water-based line of outdoor is specifically designed to protect from environmental and biological agents and to guarantee excellent protection against external attacks, to long last the items over the times, while keeping the same beauty.
Wood is a "warm material”, perfect from all points of view, but unfortunately it is subject to deteriorations during the years, and the most important causes are:

  • Ultraviolet rays of sunlight that break the molecules of the lignin of the substrate by peeling off the film of the paint
  • The blueing and rotting fungi of the wood also causes its detach (they are also responsible for the "greying phenomenon" of the wood exposed to the outside)
  • The high temperature (reached with the exposure in summer time) that causes the vitrification of the paint which, when rigid, can be easily peeled off (a window in the summer sun easily reaches 60 ° C)

The humidity that penetrates the wood where the film of paint is interrupted, perhaps due to cracks or breakage, allows the degradation of the film, as well as other causes are:

  • Weather
  • Insects
  • Pollution

The outdoor water-based products of Astra Vernici are the result of the latest generation of research, are formulated to encompass the main causes of deterioration of timber exposed to the outside, ensuring the best aesthetic result and the lowest environmental impact, both in the working ambient and in the environment in general, because of their low harmfulness.
All our water-based products are expressly developed for precise actions to ensure high durability, best efficiency and ease of use, making them ideal for small uses as well as industrial and large-scale industrial processes.

The professional range water products of outdoor from ASTRA VERNICI, called ZEROIMPACT "EX" includes single and two-component products such as:
Clear and coloured impregnating agents
Clear and pigmented primers
Clear and pigmented intermediates
Clear and pigmented top finishes
“Coat on coat” product with a wax effect

Water base line for outdoor named "Brico" for the DIY, easy to apply and “environmentally friendly” is called


The R&D laboratories of ASTRA VERNICI, always “green oriented”, have developed a distinct line of water-based paints with extremely low environmental impact, called ZEROIMPACT.
ZEROIMPACT is available in outdoor or indoor line such as:
ZEROXIL (impregnating for outdoor)
ZEROBASE (water-based primers for indoor or outdoor, single pack and two-component)
ZEROTOP (water-based top finishes for interior or exterior, single pack and two-component)


ZEROIMPACT line allows:

  • perfect aesthetic results, comparable to the best possible with the solvent-based products
  • chemical resistances, identical to the traditional solvent borne products
  • maximum productivity

ZEROIMPACT product lines are available for traditional cycles or plants, automatic systems, UV lines and dual cure UV lines


ZEROGEL is a unique water based protective product containing wax, specifically designed for outdoor applications on dimensional stable woods (like windows, shutters) as well as unstable timbers (like fences, balconies, benches, gazebos, tables, roofs, garden furniture’s, etc.).
ZEROGEL is a fantastic water based self-sealer with top properties and performances for the weathering exposure thanks to its high solid content and UV filters and the unique waterproof and long lasting waxes extremely compatible with the environment.
It has been expressly developed to garnish and protect the wood preventing it from the atmospheric agents and sun rays, as it is a fungus-resistant product.
Its unique gel formulation allows fast & easy application avoiding the typical drops that are very common with other standard products.
ZEROGEL, through its wide range of beautiful shades, all compatible between them to obtain intermediate colors, meets any application requirement with professional users or just beginners|


Nature is astonishing and plant life is surely amongst the most fascinating living organisms. The wood is a natural and warm material, perfect from all points of view.
Consisting of organic material, unfortunately it experiences a natural degradation over time.
Astra Vernici’s outdoor products are the result of the latest R&D achievements: they are designed to ensure the best protection against the leading causes of wood degradation when exposed to the outdoor elements.
Our products also provide an excellent appearance with extra low environmental impact.
All our products are specifically formulated to ensure long lasting and superior performance as well as ease of use.
Thus, they are ideal for joineries and large scale industrial processes. .