Polyester coatings, unsatured kind


  • Polyester base and top finishing’s coatings (matt and high gloss)
  • Polyester coatings, “styrene free” kind
  • Polyester coatings, self-finishing’s waxed kind (“coat on coat”)

The "polyester paints" term is normally referred to a wide range of coating products involving resin binders with "unsaturated" chemical bonds which cures through a polymerization reaction started by oxide-reduction reaction.
These products are quite common thanks to the high filling properties (because of the high solid content) to obtain closed-pore finishes when the best coverage is required with the minimum number of layers. Generally they are used in modern style furniture’s.
In case of the “traditional polyesters ("poliesterino" or even "paraffinized") the drying reaction takes place through a reaction between organic peroxides triggered by an accelerator based on metal salts (usually cobalt octoate).
In case of UV-curable polyesters, the reaction is started by photosensitive catalysts (photo-activators), whose action is triggered by the UV lamp of the drying oven.
"Paraffinized" polyester products, with their high solid content, are particularly suitable for the preparation of high quality closed-pore finishes, clear and pigmented look, modern style, wardrobes, desks, tables and kitchens cabinets. They also allow, if properly sanded and polished, to achieve super glossy finishing’s.