Colour-matching line


  • • Full "ASTRACROM" color matching solution to get pigmented (solid colors) enamels based on:
    • Conventional polyurethane, solvent based (SB pastes)
    • Acrylic/PU, solvent based (ACR Paste)
    • Alkyd/PU,solvent based (SP Paste)
    • Water based (WB Paste)
    • Polyesters, styrene free pastes (Poly-Crom Paste)

The ASTRACROM color matching system is specially designed to replicate, in a really simple way, all sort of pigmented finishes (polyurethane, nitrocellulose, acrylic, water and partlially also polyesters) in the wished color.
Developed and improved over the years, the ASTRACROM tinting system is based on concentrated pastes formulated with high quality and high concentration pigments, which guarantee the best light fastness, and their perfect stability over the time.
The selection of colors is virtually unlimited, and it can be chosen among the NCS© (1950 selection), RAL© , the ASTRACROM and MEDITERRANEUM color cards (these two last one, exclusive of ASTRA VERNICI).

cartella colori ASTRACROM (1) (2015)