Precat and post cat paints


  • Pre-catalysed coatings (“precat”), single pack traditional kind
  • Melammine-alkyd (“post-cat”), 2 pack coatings

Pre-catalyzed paints (universally called "precat") are substantially single-component nitrocellulose paints with a "blocked" melamine resin whose reaction is slowly released to achieve a film with a minimal chemical resistance which, still, remains low.
The film dries after the evaporation of the solvent, physically.
The range of pre-catalysed varnishes of ASTRA VERNICI includes:
Clear base and top finishes
Acid-catalyst paints (also called "post-cat") are formulated with alkyd-melamine resin combinations and the curing reaction of the films takes place at room temperature by adding and acid reagent (improperly called "catalyst"). The chemical film forming is an addition by polycondensation.
ASTRA VERNICI's range of acid catalytic paints includes:
Clear and pigmented primers
Clear and pigmented matt finishes