Fire retardant wood paints


  • Fire retardant wood coatings (for non-architectural or structural uses)

The term "fire-retardant wood paints" includes a wide range of coatings products mandatory in some places (generally public buildings such as schools, hospitals, gyms, cinemas, libraries, theatres, airports, banks, tourist facilities, fitness centres, exhibition stands, shops, etc.) where it is crucial that the furnishings perform self-extinguishing or fire retarding behaviours so that, once the fire trigger has been stopped, the combustion ends. The goal is to delay as longer as possible the fire propagation since every minute of delay in the flame propagation can be essential to save human lives.


The new generation of fireproof coatings in class 1 (Italian Standards, DM 06/03/1992, most often not valid outside Italy)

According to the UNI 9796/CNVVF/CCI standard, a fire-retardant coating product can modify the fire reaction class of the wood materials on which it is applied.
The standard applies to fire-retardant coating products intended for application on wood materials, with the exception of:
 -materials veneered with sliced ​​or peeled wood using adhesives based on thermoplastic resins
- assembled with a cellular structure (for example: the honeycomb) or blockboard including air cavities or filled with materials of a heterogeneous nature (for example: the rattan: in fact, due to its tubular structure with air cavities, it can not be made fireproof by any type approved fireproof)
According to the Italian Regulations (D.M. 6 March 1992), flame retardant paint products which can be used in activities subject to the fire prevention regulations must be approved. The homologation is issued only by the Ministry of the Interior following the test certificate in which the fire reaction class is indicated.


Our BLAZE-STOP fireproof two-component polyurethanes can be adapted to most of the interior design applications such as claddings, furniture, doors, beading and more, with characteristics and methods of use that are absolutely comparable to the best traditional painting cycles.



The new generation of fireproof coatings in Euro class 1 (European Standards)

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