Acquashade & Solvashade


The “SHADE” series of stains are specially formulated, highly concentrated colouring solutions for wood.
Specifically formulated for indoor wood usage, with excellent light fastness, thanks to theirs exclusive formulation with micropigments, is water soluble (the ACQUASHADE serie’s) or soluble in organic solvents (the SOLVASHADE serie’s).
These super innovative wood dyes with their special formula are the best choice for most indoor industrial wood painting cycles:
• spray
• brush
• wiping
• roller
• dip coating
• flow coating
manual and/or automatic systems.
Even on the most problematic woods, ACQUASHADE & SOLVASHADE provide excellent hue uniformity and the final result is an amazing deep and brilliant tone.
The final result is a homogenous and a uniform coloration: the SHADE series provides excellent colour uniformity and the final result is a deep and brilliant tone.
The over layering with solvent and/or water based coatings will not modify the colour shade (it’s a “non bleeding” series). ACQUASHADE & SOLVASHADE can be over layered with solvent based coatings (nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed, post-catalyzed, polyurethanes, acrylics, polyester, UV), and water based coatings.
UNICOLORS are supplied in high concentrated solutions to be reduced normally 1:10 The reducer used for their dilution is, for the ACQUASHADE, distilled water (demineralised, to avoid the formation of molds and interactions with impurities, although inside the formulation there are stabilizers and anti-mold substances) or, for the SOLVASHADE, standard thinner (we suggest the UNITHINNER which leaves the surface homogenous).
Astra Vernici® also provides specific “vehicles” to enhance the performance of the product from its original intended use, simplifying the whole color system within minutes.

The vehicle for the water line (ACQUASHADE) are:

  • ADDITIVE RTD-W = retardant thinner
  • VEHICLE FLC-W = for flow coating and immersion
  • VEHICLE GLZ-W = to produce wiping glazes
  • VEHICLE INV-W = to produce aging patinas (to be removed)
  • VEHICLE PNL-W = to produce brushable patinas
  • VEHICLE DCP-W = to produce decapé patinas (shabby look effect)

The veichle for the solvent based line(SOLVASHADE)are:

  • UNITHINNER = equalizing diluent for the correct dilution of the SOLVASHADE
  • ADDITIVE RTD-S = retardant thinner
  • •VEHICLE GLZ-S = to produce solvent-based wiping glazes
  • •VEHICLE WRP-S = to produce uniforming colors (by brush, roller and wipe)
  • •VEHICLE INV-S =to produce aging patinas
  • •VEHICLE DCP-S =to produce decapé effect (shabby look)

Technical data

ACQUASHADE and SOLVASHADE are available in several master tones (“base”) and 20 derivative colours, all miscible between them to get intermediate tones (water series with water series, solvent series with solvent series).
Below, just as example, are the various shades applied on five different common timbers(ash, beech, oak, maple and pine) daily used in the woodworking industry.
The colour chart illustrates the multitude of colour variance when stain is applied on different wood species. After are the derivative colours with different dilutions (by weight and by volume) to allow users to independently manage the colour matching system, saving inventory costs.
Even though ACQUASHADE & SOLVASHADE show an outstanding light fastness, they are not recommended to be used for outdoor exposure.


ACQUASHADE and SOLVASHADEare available in practical packs of L. 1, L. 5 and L. 25 packagings
The vehicles are available in L.1, L.5 and L.25.packs



Derivated colors (by mixing the base colors